Directv rate increase.

So I have been a directv subscriber since 1999. I love directv and subscribe to almost every package they offer. They also have excellent customer service when something goes wrong.

However, that certainly doesn’t apply to explaining new rate increase. I received an email from Directv letting me know that there was a rate change taking place. The email contained a link to this very clear and well detailed explanation.

Really Directv? How about sending your loyal customers a detailed rate change letter with current bill and upcoming bill. I am really considering cutting back based on this rate increase. I think the first victims will be the MLB ticket, followed by the ESPN gameplans.

I hope Directv will use some of these rate increases to get back Versus, how about ESPNU HD? Amazing to me that they raised the monthly DVR fee to over $7. At some point I may just set up a Mac Mini with some DVR capability and Digital TV tuner and cut back on Directv service or god forbid go to cable.