Hercules the Movie – 1986

A little over 22 years ago, a group of friends and I made a movie for extra credit in our Latin II class in high school. We had earlier made “The Latin Movie” in the Fall of 1985 – which was not so good and I was on crutches the entire movie having bruised my knee the night before. I hope to find a copy of the Latin Movie and digitize it.
Anyways – we were not deterred by our poor showings in The Latin Movie and we decided to make a movie on the 12 Labor of Hercules. This movie turned about pretty good and became one of the first of many movies that several people made for different classes.
We had no real script but had an amazing sound track. It is also great to look back 22 years and see what we looked like, etc.
Click here to see Hercules – The Movie which was filmed May 13, 1986!

16 Months Post-Op Update and delivery of the SLK 350

Well today is a great day. It has been 16 month’s since my gastric bypass surgery and I have crossed below the 270 pound marker weighing 266.8 this morning. The weight loss continues as does my work-out routine. I need to buy some more clothes again – as I keep dropping inches as well as pounds. My waist size has now dropped 24 inches – two feet!! Wow. It was very interesting this weekend, as I attended a party at which I had not seen some people in probably a year – they kept coming up to me and said they could barely recognize me. Felt great but after a while it became a little embarrassing. The most common question I get is how do you feel – well how do you think I feel – I have lost over 330 pounds, no longer have high blood sugar, have normal blood pressure and cholesterol level and can play a round of golf and be ready for more. Yes – I feel amazing and am excited about what every day forward brings. I love wokring out and look forward to running a 5K run sometime in the near future – imagine that me running in a race without someone behind me pointing a gun. Oh well – just to sum up – I feel great and am doing awesome.
The other big event today is that I take delivery of my SLK 350!! It took about 4 weeks to travel across the ocean from Frankfurt, Germany where I dropped it off on June 16th. The car was actually delivered at my local dealer on Friday July 18th and I could have taken delivery that day but I was in Louisville for the weekend for a party. So today after work is the big day – definitely looking forward to getting the car back!