Happy Halloween

Wow – its the end of October already. Tonight is trick or treat night. Kind of different this year buying all the candy to hand out to the kids and knowing that I am not going to eat any of it. In years past – I would usually “test” the candy before I gave it out and then enjoy the leftovers. But now I have no such desire and plan to give any leftovers to the neighbor kids or take into the office.
How about them Buckeyes!! Getting the job done week by week and really looking like they could be headed to another BCS Championship game. While yes – that silly team up North that managed to lose to Appalachian State is on the schedule – I think the Bucks won’t have any problem with MeatChicken and good old Lloyd Carr (soon to be enshrined in the Buckeye Hall of Fame for his coaching skills against OSU).
My weight loss continues and everything is going great.