6 Months Post-op

It has been just over six months since my gastric bypass surgery. My weight loss has been proceeding at an excellent pace. I have now lost over 192 pounds since the start of the year and over 153 pounds since the date of the surgery. I had a sixth month check-up with my surgeon and dietitian and everything is going great. It is great to have so much more energy.
I went to NYC about two weeks ago for a conference and had a great time. I went to a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman – guest was Dr. Phil. It was very cool. Then I saw Hairspray on Broadway and ended the evening with drinks with my cousin.
Well its football season – although the weather last weekend would not have indicated such. OSU is 4-0 and looking stronger each week. That silly team up North has managed two wins – one against Notre Lame who is 0-4 and probably couldn’t beat any high school team in the top 10 in Ohio. Finally, Louisville is really struggling. It looks like the change of coaching staffs have had an effect – sure Kentucky is much better – but the performance again Middle Tennessee State was the warning sign of a long season to come. The defensive coverage schemes are not working and many times it appears that the coaching staff is unaware of what is going on.
Finally got my new driver, Callaway FT-5 – very nice club. I played 18 holes yesterday in the oppressive heat – hit a few nice drives – hopefully I will get a few more rounds in yet this year.
I will have a video update in a day or so – until then take care.

Labor Day Weekend 2007

Our Family
Robin’s Family
It was a great Labor Day weekend. First – I tailgated for the season opener of Louisville Cardinals Football. Even better – it was my first day of being able to drink alcohol since my surgery!! Nothing better than Jack Daniels mixed with some Crystal Light lemonade. Then on Friday and Saturday I played 18 holes of golf each day at The Cardinal Club. Good times – great course and weather. The rest of the weekend was spent with family around the pool relaxing, playing games and smoking cigars!
I am heading to New York City on Sunday for a conference and have tickets to see The Late Show with David Letterman as well as Hairspray The Musical. Should be a great, quick trip.
As for my weight loss – it continues and I have now passed the 180 pound mark. Time to buy some more clothes.