Xbox 360 Disc drive dies!

My Xbox 360 disc drive died over the weekend. I had been playing Madden 08 and then decided to try out the new EA Sports NCAA 08 to beat up on silly Michigan with my Buckeyes, but no go. At first I thought it might be the actual disc as this was the first time I went to use it – but all of the discs now get the same “unreadable disc error”. At least the HD DVD drive still works for movies, Watched 300 and Letters from Iwo Jima in HD. But it looks like I will have to ship the Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repair so no HD DVD viewing in the near future. Oh well – college footbal starts this week and the new HD channels for Directv will be live by the end of September so my free time to play the Xbox would not be that great.
Looking forward to college football starting this week – and the NFL the week later. Time to get my fantasy players ready to go,