Working out and the iPhone

I have been working out at my new gym for the past 3 weeks. The gym is LifeTime Fitness – it is simply an amazing place with great staff, tons of machines, nice locker rooms and excellent protein shakes. My iPhone has been a great addition to my workout routine. I often watch a TV show while I am working out which makes the time fly by. My favorites lately on the iPhone are: The Office, Flight of the Concords and NBC Nightly News. It definitely is nice to watch the shows while avoiding looking at the time and distance display.
I am still waiting for my new golf clubs to arrive, but in the meantime my old driver must have discovered it is on its way out of the bag as I am now hitting it better than I have in many years. Our firm outing last week was partially rained out and we only completed about 12 holes.
Looking forward to this weekend as I am heading to Defiance to see a couple good buddies for the weekend. Today is Media Day for the Big Ten – Bucks picked to finish third behind that team up North and Wisconsin. Should be an interesting season. Especially with the Big Ten Network in HD on Directv

Its Time for Fred

As many of your know, I am a life-long Republican. Given the mess in Iraq, it is almost like admitting you are a Cleveland Browns fan – of which I am as well. It is time for a change and Fred Thompson is the man to do it. Who knows who the Democratic nominee will be – Hillary, Barrack or I would put my money on Al “Ozone” Gore. I watched and listened to some of the Live Earth concert this weekend. One of the most comical moments was Melissa Etheridge talking about the future and Ozone Gore. She even stated how he was bullied into not pressing the environmental agenda when he was Vice-President. Too bad – Ozone got bullied – if he wants to be leader of the U.S. can we really trust someone who was so easily bullied? I think not. Also – Ozone kept talking about 2 billion people watching or attending the concert – from the crowds I saw – I bet the estimate is more the possibly of likely 2 million or less. Then Ozone flies from Washington to DC on a private jet – and all the other celebrities flew their private jets into the concert venues – talk about useless pollution.
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