14 Weeks Post – Op

It has now been 14 Weeks today since my gastric bypass surgery. I have lost 93 pounds since surgery day and a total of 132 pounds since January 3, 2007!! Last week at Disney was a great experience as I could walk without getting tired! Just had to buy a new belt and some more new clothes!! I will do a video update in a few days. Take care!
On the way home from Orlando – my parents and I stopped in Lynchburg, TN to tour Jack Daniels!! I have toured the facility several times but it was the first time for my parents. The picture above is a free shot of Jack Daniels on the rocks!! We also visited the Squires Room which is always a delight!

Disney – Day 5

Today was our last day at Disney. Today we started at the Magic Kingdom and hit a few rides that we missed the first day as well as riding Splash Mountain again – this time with Libbey. We got absolutely soaked on Splash Mountain. We then headed to MGM Disney for dinner and the Fantasmic show which was great. If there is one thing that definitely should be seen, I would have to say it is Fantasmic. Arrive early – at least 90 minutes before the show to get a great seat. We were right in the middle and everyone had a great time.
Tomorrow, we head back and will stop in Lynchburg, TN to visit Jack Daniels Distillery. I have tour Jack’s place several times and look forward to the return and a visit to the Tennesee Squire’s room.
Great vacation – I will add more photos to the main portion of the website in a few days.

Disney Animal Kingdom – Day 4

Today was Day 4 of our Disney Vacation. Today we went to the Animal Kingdom. It was a great day. My favorites for the Day were the Safari and the Dinosaur ride which was awesome. Also the Finding Nemo the Musical was very good – definitely recommend for those with children.
Tomorrow is the 5th and final day of our Disney Vacation – we plan to hit several parks and end up at MGM Disney for the Disney Fantasia fireworks show.

Epcot – Day 2 of Disney Vacation

Yesterday was day 2 of the magical Disney vacation. Epcot was great – very humid day but fun none the less. Only disappointment was the Nemo attraction – long line and very short and non-exciting ride. But all in all – a great day. Today we are heading to MGM-Disney Studios.

Disney 2007

Today was our first day of our family vacation to Walt Disney World. Today we did the Magic Kingdom. It was about 94 degrees which made it hot but it still was a great day. I will post all of the pictures once I am back at home. Disney is always fun. Tomorrow we head to Epcot Center!