10 Weeks Post-Op

Today marks the 10 Week Post-Op point since my gastric bypass surgery. Things are going great and I feel awesome. As noted by the updated ticker below, I have lost 110 pounds since the start of the year and 71 pounds since the day of the surgery.
It was a great Memorial Day Weekend! I went down to Louisville to see my parents. We went out of the Cardinal Club to hit some golf balls. Then later we went to the Turf Club at Churchill Downs to bet the ponies. I didn’t have the best wager effort at the track, but hopefully that will improve next weekend during the firm’s outing at Churchill Downs.
Later, I went shopping for some more new clothes. Due to the ongoing weight loss, I need to continue buying new clothes. This is exciting due to a greater selection and at the same time expensive. The new clothes will probably be too big in 1-2 months – then I will donate them to Goodwill. I did discover another company that targets their products to large folks like me – its called Living XL. Some great products.
Thats about it for now – short work week as I am golfing on Friday at the firm’s partner retreat.

Fred Thompson GOP 2008

Its time for a real conservative to get in this race. I have long been a fan of Newt, but his negatives may be too much to win the battle against the Dems. But one candidate that could easily beat them is Fred Thompson. Yes – he’s the actor from Law and Order – but he is so much more. Check out the Draft Fred Thompson for President website here to learn more.

Bariatric Scale

One problem by being a very large obese person is that it is difficult to get an accurate determination of how much you weigh. This can be extremely frustrating when you are on a diet and have no way of knowing if you lost weight. Even most doctor office balance beam scales only go up to approximately 250-375 pounds. The bariatric programs have very deluxe bariatric scales which can cost up to $2000. A few days ago, I discovered a company that sells scales made for bariatric patients that are very economical. I just got my new scale which means that I can now keep better track of my weight loss.
I bought the MedWeigh MS-3200 Digital High Capacity Scale from HeathCheck Systems It is great and easy to set-up and use and is very lightweight considering its ability.
And as of tonight I have now lost 89 pounds since the start of the year!! Only 11 more pounds to hit the century mark!

The Girls at Work

A few weeks ago, I took my two nieces to my office at work. They had a blast hanging out in my office and getting some free Lexis-Nexis schwag from our library.
Here are a few photos:

Kentucky Derby/Oaks 2007

This last weekend was the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. I had a great time at the Marquee Village at the track. The weather was decent given the forecast. I won a decent amount of money at the Oaks, but gave it all away on the Derby. Oh well!
One highlight every year at the Oaks/Derby is listening to “The Real Deal” barbershop quartet.
Here are a couple clips (albeit recorded on my digital camera) of The Real Deal