6 Weeks Post-Op

Well, it has now been 6 weeks since my surgery. I has appointments with my surgeon and dietitian today. I also got on the scales …. I have lost 78 pounds since the start of the year and 39 pounds since the day of the surgery. I have also been cleared to start exercising. Plan on dusting of the golf clubs later tonight. In the next couple of weeks my diet will also continue its progression introducing more foods and some red meat (most likely chili at first). I can also start protein bars in about two weeks and introduce more fiber into the diet. Things are going great.

Thunder Over Louisville

This last Saturday night was the annual Thunder Over Louisville air show and fireworks. Thunder is the largest annual fireworks show in America. It is simply amazing. I was with official cigar boy on the boat.
My Dad’s company had chartered the Destiny which is based out of Cincinnati. They have utilized this amazing yacht for at least the last five years. The boat is amazing and provides an excellent platform to watch the air show and the fireworks.
The cigars for this year’s events were Holt’s Factory Specials – simply a great bargain and a good quality smoke. The weather was awesome and a good time was had by all.

Moving on up!

Yesterday I started the next phase of my diet. The Soft Cooked Food Phase. The big addition to this phase is Cheese!!! Its amazing how good one slice of American Cheese can taste – plus it has 4 grams of protein!. I also can now have many soft meats and vegatables (no red meat). So fish, chicken, turkey, etc. as well as cooked vegetables. I can even have a slice of toast (haven’t tried that one yet).
I have had no problem getting my daily intake of protein. I love making a creamy vanilla – banana shake. I use the Isopure Creamy Vanilla protein mix, a little skim milk, a chunk of a banana and some ice cubes in the blender and it is fabulous. I also tried a new product called a Protein shooter. Kind of like the shooters in test tubes in a bar – but this is three ounces of a somewhat thick liquid that has 42 grams of protein and zero carbs. I only have the orange flavor and its not the greatest taste – not bad but certainly not that great.
I visit my normal doctor this week for a check-up on my vitals after the surgery. Its hard to imagine that it will have been a month since the surgery this Tuesday. Time sure does fly. I am getting close to the point of having to buy some new pants and a new belt. I have really started to notice the weight loss when I wear my dress clothes – shirts much looser and pants keep wanting to fall down – thankfully I wear suspenders to keep any accidental moonings from occuring.
Everything else is going great. The wound from where my G-tube was is starting to heal. I haven’t taken any tylenol in the last 2 days as the discomfort has really gone away. Looking forward to the weather improving and getting some sun – its been absoultely misearble weather wise lately. Take care!

Back to Work

Last Tuesday I went back to work. It was good to get out of the house. Anytime someone is away from work for a week or more – the mail, voicemail and emails can build up to such an extent it can take a day or so just to read them and follow-up on them. But it is great to get back to work!
I had my first and to date only nausea issue my first day back to work. I basically broke the two big rules. First I was drinking water before and while I was eating some blended turkey and mayo. Second, I didn’t chew it that well. I was talking to a friend in my office and just by old nature I gulped the turkey down without chewing it. Wow – My pouch (aka the new stomach) sure let me know that it didn’t appreciate that. After about 4 minutes of nausea and a quick call to my mom – I made a quick trip to the bathroom and after making an offering to the porcelain goddess I was fine. Good learning lesson – I now make sure to chew everything extensively.
I have also progressed far enough in my recovery to start eating at restaurants. I eat mostly soup but starting next week I will expand the menu to some fish items and other soft cooked food. On Tuesday I had a Turkey Noodle Soup at Culvers with My mom and sister and my two awesome nieces – Libbey and Paige!. It was great!. Later in the week I had some rice and creme chicken soup in the deli in our building and even got out to lunch at PhoParis with another partner in the firm. I am definitely heading to PhoParis many more times. Quick access and great food.

The Update – Issue 4

Its been three weeks since my gastric bypass surgery. Check out the latest update.

As I mentioned in The Update, my law journal article was recently mentioned in an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court. My law journal article was on Flow Control of Waste and the Dormant Commerce Clause. I actually won the Albert P. Blaustein Memorial Award for the highest legal scholarship published in the Rutgers Law Journal for 1997-98. Here is a link to the amicus brief. My article is referenced on page 23 of the brief. Download file


Today I also got the approval to resume the cigars!!! I have not had a cigar since March 16th, 2007. Its been really tough not smoking with the recent great weather.
So tonight it will be Cigars and Buckeyes!
Go Bucks!

Two Weeks Post-op

Well its almost been two weeks since my surgery. Things are progressing very well. Today I had an appointment with my surgeon and my dietician. Still have the G-tube, but it will be removed next Monday!
Today, I also passed the 50 pound weight loss mark since the beginning of the year! I have decided to add the following ticker to track my weight loss. Still a long way to go – but the fun has begun!