HDTV – How has it changed your viewing habits?

Sure – HDTV sports are awesome and it becomes almost difficult to watch sports in Standard Definition. But the biggest surprise to me – is PBS-HD and Discovery HD. I barely ever watched PBS – now I am a devoted fan of Nature, Nova and Frontline. Frontline is currently running a 4 part series on the New media – excellent stories and great refresher on the first amendment and so-called reporter’s privilege. Tonight, Nature aired a great show on the Andes mountains and area surrounding.

Also on HDNet – Dan Rather Reports has been an excellent surprise. Very good stories and of course in HD!!

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Ohio State Big Ten Champs!! – Hoops Pool Updates


Kudos to Matta and the Thad Five!! Another Big Ten Championship. Could this be the year for OSU to win the NCAA? Probably not – but one never knows. I am contemplating buying season tickets to the Bucks next year for hoops. While I am sure I would likely miss a few games during the week, its less than 1.5 hours to the arena. Time will tell.

Nenni is absolutely running away with this year’s hoops pool. Doesn’t hurt that he has the Bucks either. Very competitive year for third place. Should be interesting to see how the conference tourneys effect the outcome.

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The Update

I have decided to start The Update – which will be a video which will supplement my blog. Afterall, what could be a biggest waste of bandwidth than video?
Here is the premier edition – I am sure that my editing and camera techniques will improve in the future.

No more caffeine!!

After the surgery I will not be able to drink carbonated beverages or beverages with caffeine. I thought this might be one of my biggest hurdles to overcome. Afterall – I love soda pop. I have a fountain soda machine in my basement. I used to drink approximately 2 liters of diet soda every day. First thing in the morning and then all day long. So about three weeks ago – I stopped cold turkey – my dietitian told my that some people get caffeine withdrawal headaches. I didn’t want them as part of my recovery process so that is why I stopped the caffeine intake. I had a slight headache about two days after stopping. But since then no problems. I drink much more water – love the crystal lite powder mixes for the water bottles. So if I can stop drinking caffeinated beverages – anyone can.

Sleep Study

As part of my approval process for the surgery, my surgeon wanted to determine if I have sleep apnea which is common in people my size. So I scheduled a visit to a local sleep diagnostic center in Mason. I arrived at the center and was connected to about 10-20 wires on my head, face, chest and legs. With all these wires attached and the strange surroundings (room was similar to a hotel room), I had great difficulty getting to sleep. It was torture – I slept a total of 1.8 hours according to the technicians and the computer monitoring my every move and breath. Even though I slept very little they were able to diagnose me as having sleep apnea, so I had to head back to the sleep study place the next week to have a CPAP titration. Basically this involves finding the correct setting on the CPAP machine for my conditions. The process was not as bad as the first night and I eventually was able to get some sleep. Since then every night I sleep with my CPAP machine and I have never slept better. I used to get up several times every night as I couldn’t fall asleep or maintain my sleep. Now I sleep 7-8 hours with minimal wakings and I feel very refreshed (even for early morning meetings). I no longer become tired in the afternoon – an added benefit when reading patents all day.

Gastric Bypass

As some of my readers already know, I have decided to have gastric bypass surgery. Technically the procedure is called a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. I am scheduled to have the surgery on March 20, 2007 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. The surgery is part of Tri-Health’s Bariatric Surgery Program. It is an excellent well-rounded program with dietitian, mental health and exercise/fitness elements.
I plan to document my journey over the next 18-24 months of this procedure and results from it. The link above for the Tri-Health program has many excellent pages of information on the procedure and results.

Comments have been enabled again

I have enabled comments again for the blog. This was requested by several readers who did not like the previous Authenication requirement. It will be interesting how well the spam filter works. I am sure some junk spam will occur – hopefully I will be able to stay on top of it.
So comment away!

Waste of Bandwidth return to original home folder

I have moved the blog back to its original folder – primarily due to some file association problems. I have placed a redirect on the previous location and will modify the homepage in the next few days.
We have had a major snow and ice storm the last two days and now it is bitter cold. Looks like it will be a while for the ice to melt from the power lines.

Great weekend!

This weekend two longtime friends, Brian and Dave, from Defiance came to visit. We headed out to a Brazilian Steakhouse (see previous post) and then headed back to my place for some drinks and Cigars. Its always a pleasure to get together with these guys. Each of us have been very successful in our careers and its good to discuss the good old days, politics, money, careers, etc.

We enjoyed some fine Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Cigars. Very tasty. I love smoking Cigars and Rocky Patel is one of my favorite brands along with CAO.

This morning we headed of to The Cracker Barrel for some Grandma’s Breakfast Special with Grandma’s pancakes. Brian suggested these on a previous visit and they never disappoint.
Great weekend as always!

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