Smoking Ban not to be enforced

Christmas comes early as the Attorney General decides not to enforce smoking ban until the regulations are written!! Its about time some sanity prevailed. How can you ban something and enforce it without an y enforcement regulations? So smoker rejoice and hopefully most of the Cigar friendly establishments will continue to allow smoking. I did get an emergency email from Havana Martini Bar today that they would continue to allow smoking! It looks like Christmas won’t be cancelled afterall. Its too cold to step outside and smoke a cigar without a good number of propane heaters. Hopefully, the Ohio Senate will revise the law enacted by Issue 5 – or possibly maybe another ballot initiative to replace issue 5 with a smoking law that respects the citizens of the great state of Ohio and treats them with some respect. If people don’t like smoking, they are free to choose where to go with their pocketbooks. Although I am a cigar smoker – there are several bars that I avoid due to their poor ventilation system. On the flip side, cigar bars like Havana Martini have state of the art ventilation systems and no one there seems to mind people lighting up.
Merry Christmas and Smoke ‘em if you have ‘em!