XBOX 360

Well, I finally broke down and bought an XBOX 360 yesterday!! Micro Center has a $100 rebate – so I decided it was time to take the plunge. Still a very expensive plunge with the wireless internet adapter another $100 and each game at least $50-60 dollars. I bought Tiger Woods Golf which is simply amazing and the new Gears of War from Microsoft. Both games are excellent – the graphics on both are incredible. Another thing very impressive is XBOX Live. The Online community – more than just online gaming against others – you can download games, movies, music, even listed to ESPN Radio when playing certain EA Sports games. Its like a dashboard portal into everything – finally Microsoft is headed in the right direction – in reality the XBOX 360 could be the one settop box for TV, movies, music and gaming. You can even download movie and tv shows in HD.
I downloaded a demo of EA Sports upcoming March Madness game – the graphics are so amazing in the demo – the shine off the court is simply unreal – at points it is hard to tell what is digital or are you watching real people.
Oh well – have to get back to the system – here is my gamertag if you are on xboxlive

Election 2006 – Issue #5

Well – it looks like Issue #4 will fail and Issue # 5 will pass. What a joke. While I understand many people’s opposition to the format of Issue #4 being a constitutional amendment, the passage of Issue #5 banning smoking at every single place of business is absolutely ridiculous.
Goodbye to your favorite cigar bars – like Havana Martini Club in Cincinnati. I feel terrible for the owners who had to endure the downfall in business due to the Riots and the rest of Cincinnati’s downtown failures. They decide to make an important move and create an excellent spot in the Carew Tower and now here comes Issue #5 to eliminate smoking. Same feelings towards Brazenhead which had created an excellent Cigar and Scotch bar in the basement of the mammoth facility. Gone.
But at least Issue #5 lets me smoke in my personal residence!! Simply amazing.
There is little doubt that in 2006, Issue #5 will be overturned – it may even be unconstitutional. Sad day for Ohio businesses and patrons who choose to dine at places that may have a smoking section or places like Havana Martini Club that have state of the art exhaust systems to remove the cigar and cigarette smoke. Simply Amazing. It may be even difficult to smoke at your local tobaccoo shop as 80% of their revenue must be from tobacco and accesories and they cannot have a liquor license.
The overall election in Ohio was all about Bush and the war in Iraq. Poor Blackwell and Dewine had no shot. Voters are tired of the war and want the troops home now or at least a game plan for the removal of the troops. Sadly it appears that Pres. Bush has no idea of how to get out. Now I am a very conservative life-long Republican and proud to say so, but the time has come for getting out of Iraq. I propose we get the blackhawks, Apaches and A-10s fueled up and blast a 5-mile wide path from the green zone to the airport and get everyone out of Iraq. Oh yea – don’t forget to bring Sadamm with us – or even better yet just kill him on the way out. So what if Iraq falls to shambles and civil war begins. It may have already. We can always launch air strikes in the future to take car of any Iraq government that gets out of hand. Moreover – maybe a democracy will come out of our leaving.
Finally, the only good thing to come out of tonight is a sure failure of the Democratic Party to lead us anywhere – which will greatly help the GOP presidential candidates in 2008. Its time to create another Contract for America and tell the America People what a GOP Congress and President in 2008 will do and then do it. Come on Newt – start drafting it – the campaign for President starts next week.