This time of year

This is the worst time of the year. Late January and February always seem to be the most depressing months. A lot of this is due to the fact that it is dark when you come and go to work. Plus sports slow down these months. The holidays are over – football withdraw takes over. With nothing much on TV one would thing it would be a billing hours bonanza. However, it seems just the opposite happens as you stare outside at the dark streets and think I should be home now – its dark outside. Oh well, March Madness is just a few weeks away – then you have April which means Spring – Keeneland and May brings about the Oaks and the Derby.
My mom had knee replacement surgery on Thursday – both knees. It will be a long recovery but I am sure that she is looking ofrward to being active once the rehab is over and she can start working on her golf game. Spent most of Thursday in the surgery waiting room. Luckily I had my ipod with me – as I was probably in the waiting room for about 9-10 hours.
I put a new power supply in my main PC that had been dead for several months and it now is back up and running. I had decided if the $40 power supply failed to do the trick, I was going to buy the new 20″ iMac with intel inside. But it looks like I will hold off at least until the next round of apple announcements. I love my powerbook and it is still doing great, but I needed a good computer in my office – now that the main pc is back up – it will do the trick. I used to have 4 pcs running in the office – but the last year they have slowly started to die or become unusuable due to age. Ideally I will get down to just one pc and the iMac – still like to have a pc for software ease – but maybe when the new windows comes out if it truely does run on the intel iMac – I can just go with the iMac.
The guys from Ovation Audio-Video are coming over to do a few more install items for the basement – adding a set of speakers to the poker room and connecting the LCD TV in the poker room to the main AV set-up. Also need to change out the lamp in the Sony projector as it is on its last legs and has dimmed.