Making the final connections

Well, the basement is about finished – about a week ago the audio-video system was installed. Yesterday and today is the final plumbing and electrical connections. Final inspection should be later this week with all that really remains is delivery of furniture.

Here are the latest photos:


The bar in place, one pendant installed, countertop and faucet installed


another view


The silstone countertop and faucet – looking sharp. New Uniden phone system installed as well.


Christmas has arrived!!! 100″ Stewart screen – simply amazing.


The media center – the trim was just installed today (after these pictures) – They look great.


The Sony Cineza HS-51 Projector mounted and ready for action.


Bathroom fixtures finally installed


Jack Daniel’s Barrel getting ready for final positioning.


Just another look – WOW!!

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U2 Concert and visit with Libbey & Paige

I just returned from Michigan and the U2 concert last night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. I went with a good friend and fellow U2 fan, Brian and my sister and her husband Jeff. Along the way I got to visit with a couple other high school buddies by attending the Defiance Rotary meeting.

Before the show, the four of us headed to an irish bar in Farmington, MI. Great bar – John Cowleys and Sons on Grand River Ave.

We then headed to the Palace. Traffic was not extremely bad considering it was a sold out show – but the parking lot situation was terrible. We eventually found a spot and headed into the show. Our seats were great. Third row from the floor – about middle of the walkway of the stage – so many times the band members were less than 20 feet away.

Great show!

Here are a few pictures of me visiting with the girls before we left for the show.






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Refrigerator and Bar get delivered

On Wednesday the bar from Watson’s and the Whirlpool refrigerator were deliver. The bar was easy as it came in pieces. The refrigerator however was a different story. It eventually made it down, but the 90 degree turn on the stairs takes some careful guiding.

I ordered the furniture for the media room yesterday. I ended up going with a leather reclining sofa and two leather reclining chairs. The color of the leather is called durango strawberry. It basically looks like a bright ohio state scarlet! Going to look awesome in a room with grey walls.

Tomorrow is the screen install. Thursday the countertop is delivered and soon after the bathroom fixtures will be installed. The media room furniture will take about 20-30 days but for most purposes – the basement project could be finished in about a week. Once we have passed all inspections and construction is done, I am going to install the upgraded soda fountain bar gun system.

Here are a few pictures of the bar and refrigerator.




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Yummy~issimo!!! My personal chef

Many of you may have heard that I had decided to get a personal chef. It makes perfect since given my busy schedule. Well, my personal chef came to my home on Monday and cooked an entire month’s worth of food, packages it in portions and put it in the freezer and the refrigerator. It has been awesome. Now when I get home late and have no desire to cook something, I can still eat a healthy meal, rather than fast food junk.

The service is called Yummy~issimo and it definitely rocks!

The website is

Here is a view of my freezer and refrigerator after the cooking


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The Theater Room Setup for the basement

One of the main reasons for finishing the basement was to install a home theater. Next weekend, this portion of the basement project should be finished with the installation of the projector and screen and final wiring connections. Many people have asked me what equipment I am using in the basement. So this post will detail what I will have:


Sony VPL-HS51 Cineza Widescreen WXGA (1280 x 720) Hometheater LCD Projector, 1200 ANSI Lumens, 12 lb 6 oz


A next generation Cineza home theater projector equipped with the latest 3-LCD panel, the Sony VPL-HS51 is a powerful projector that will accurately reproduce DVD and high definition sources with high brightness and full contrast.

Equipped with an advanced iris function, enabling the projector to dynamically adjust the video image according to the level of the input signal, provides a high contrast ratio of up to 6000:1, along with reproduction of the most subtle details. It also incorporates three proprietary 720p LCD panels that provide 1280 x 720 pixel resolution optimized for HD video input.


Stewart Film
Luxus Deluxe ScreenWall 100″ 16×9

Luxus Deluxe Screenwall

DVD Player

Samsung DVD-HD950 DVD-Video, Video CD, DVD Audio, SACD, SVCD, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W and CD-R/RW Player, Progressive Scan with 1080i/720p HDMI and DVI Outputs



Denon AVR-3806

7-channel home theater receiver with HDMI digital video switching

L033Av3806B-F Ld R



Once its installed, I’ll post some more pictures.

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Things are starting to look really great

The carpet was installed Wednesday and looks great. The color scheme is awesome. Thanks to Ro at McSwain for the suggestions on paint color, tile and carpet choices. As can be seen from the pictures below, the basement is very near completion. The lighting is installed, electrical outlets are now powered. All that really remains is the plumbing in the bathroom and installation of the countertop. The plumber is waiting until the countertop comes in – hopefully this next week. In a week the screen and projector get mounted. I purchased my receiver yesterday. I ended up choosing the Denon 3806 – just came on the market – HDMI switching and lots of other bells and whistles. I really wanted the HDMI switching – that was the key motivation. I am also going to buy some type of power protection device for the system – either Belkin, Monster Cable or APC. Now I need to purchase furniture and buy the whirlpool refrigerator at Lowe’s. My hope is that by October 22 – the entire basement will be finished – possibly even the new soda fountain system. Time will tell, time will tell….

Here are the latest pictures


The railing was redone again – much nicer this time and it meets code – last time the spaces were too big – a child could get trapped and choke on the spindles.


A view towards the cabinets – the shelves should look very nice holding my Jack Daniels and Bourbon collection.


This is the other end of the poker/bar area. The enclosure over the sump pump looks great. The other enclosure covers the water supply valve and meter.


This is a view of the front corner of the home theater area. A subwoofer will be placed in this corner. Hopefully the grey paint color will be good for movie viewing.


Here is a view of the hallway and it shows some of the great angles included in the basement. Looks like the bathroom door needs painted as it isn’t the same color. Another item for the growing punch list.


Here is a view down the back of the basement connecting the bar/poker area to the home theater. the divide includes the media center cabinets


The shadowbox is now finished. All that remains is the hanging of the Jack Daniels Barrel and some OSU stuff.

Thats it for now – next pictures when the bathroom is finished or the screen installed – whichever is first.

Take care!! Go Bucks!!

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Final week of construction?

This could be the last week of construction for the basement project. Tiling is finishing up, painting should be done in a day or so. Plumbing and electrical by mid-week. The carpet is getting installed on Wednesday and we should have the final inspection by the end of the week.

Last Friday had the walk through with my A/V experts who are doing the screen install, projector mounts and speaker mounts.

Here are the latest pictures:


Ceiling is installed and the upper cabinets have been mounted.


Rails on stairway are corrected and trim is being painted


Trim is finished, windows painted


The long awaited tile job in the bathroom. It will be grouted this monday.


Another view of the cabinets and ceiling, This hallway connects the bar/poker area to the movie theater area


A view of the poker area and the bar area.

I should have more photos later this week with the carpet installed.

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