Trim work nearly complete – lower cabinets mounted

The trim work is the basement is nearly finished. The bathroom tile has yet to be finished as not enough decorative tiles were ordered for the design in the floor. So the bathroom floor is on hold until the additional tiles arrive – hopefully next week sometime. In the meantime, the lower cabinets have been set. The entertainment center cabinets are set and holes were drilled in the top of each cabinet as well as a connector hole between the two cabinets to allow for wire passage. Each shelf was also modified by drilling a 2.5 ” hole in the shelf to allow for wire and cabling.

The fusebox and water meter area have been trimmed out with nice doors. The shadow box trim area was completed. Finally the railing for the lower stairs was added.

This weekend the acoustical ceiling is being installed. Then the upper cabinets can be mounted. Carpeting has been delayed until Oct. 5th to hopefully allow the bathroom floor and plumbing to be completed before the carpet arrives. Painting should start sometime next week as well.

The screen will be installed October 15th and by that date everything should be up and running – Hopefully!!

Here are some pictures of the latest improvements.

Entertainment cabinets mounted and the lower cabinets mounted in the wet bar area.


Another view of the entertainment center cabinets and the tile. (Note: The green extension cord is powering the Directv Multi-switch until the electricians install the electrical outlets in the back of each cabinet


View of the shadowbox area and the small hall closet door on the left. I am not sure I am crazy by the railing on the stairs – maybe it will grow on me?


Another view of the stairs railing and the shadowbox. The trimmed door in the background covers the water meter and main shutoff valve


The trim work on the shadowbox


The windows have been trimmed out and the fusebox covered. The cabinets on the floor are the upper cabinets that will be mounted once the acoustical ceiling is installed. The box to the left covers the sump pump and provides an access panel to it.


The mounted lower cabinets. The countertop will be measured this Thursday. It will be Silstone Mahogany. The whirlpool refrigerator will be installed to the right of the cabinets.


The view from the bar area. Water meter and shut-off valve access area and the sump-pump cover.


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Bush Calls for Massive Rebuilding

Bush Calls for Massive Rebuilding:

Bush prepared the nation for a massive rebuilding effort, laying out an open-ended reconstruction plan, one of the biggest in history, in a TV address from New Orleans that he hoped would slow his political slide. (Read excerpts)

(Via What’s News US.)

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Tile installed and the cabinets are about done

The project continues. The tile floor has been installed. They started installing the cabinets today. Tomorrow they will finish the cabinets and tile the bathroom. We had been waiting for some decorative tiles to come in and we now have them.

According to the contractor – 2 weeks and it should be done. The acoustical ceiling is being installed next weekend. The carpet installation is scheduled in 2 weeks. Tonight I ordered the Stewart projection screen. 100″ inches of pure beauty. It will be installed on October 15th. I need to purchase furniture in the next week or so. As well as schedule delivery of the bar and Purchase the Whirlpool refrigerator. Hoping that JVC starts selling their new receivers in the next couple of weeks so I can get the one I want.

So basically it looks like 4 weeks until everything is ready – but only 2-3 weeks until mainly ready (with the final AV install being on Oct. 15th).

Here are a few more pictures


Here the lower cabinets have been set and the upper cabinets are on the lower cabinets. The whirlpool refrigerator will go to the right of the cabinets.


This tile should look awesome once everything is installed.


This is the door into the utilities area (AC, furnace, hot water heater etc.).


The entertainment center cabinets are being installed. Lots of holes to be drilled in the the cabinets for wiring runs.

Its amazing that they are called entertainment center cabinets and yet have no pre-intalled option for running wiring,

Its almost a shame these cabinets are being recessed into the wall. The cherry cabinets are very nice.


A few more doors installed. The door to the right is the closet in which the water softener is contained. The dehumidifier may end up in this closet.

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