Vacation in Phoenix – its HOT!!!

WOW – its hot in Arizona. Sunday we arrived and the temperature was 116 degrees. A storm blew into town with winds around 30-40 miles an hour but no rain. When we would go outside it felt like opening the oven door when removing something from the oven. HOT!!

Yesterday, we went to the Grand Canyon – I will post some pictures from that trip in a few days. The pictures below are from Rawhide – which is an old western tourist town – good fun, but it was hot. Libbey and Paige were not too happy with the gunfight story about Billy the Kid.







On our way to Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon – we stopped by to see Montezuma’s Castle




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Update on the basement project

Things are starting to shape up in the basement. The framing is nearing completion. Then plumbing and electrical before the drywall goes up.

On Monday, DirecTV installed the new 3 LNB Dish for HD and an over the air (OTA) antenna to receive local HD channels. They also ran they satellite cables to the entertainment cabinet center area. I have set up the Sony projector temporarily in the family room and it looks great on just a white wall.

On Saturday I went to see the cabinet designer and should hopefully have the cabinets and countertops ordered in the next couple of days.

Here is the bathroom rough-in


The wet bar area gets framed


The media cabinet area starts to take shape


The area opposite the wet bar area – sump pump and water line gets framed.

The poker table will be placed between the wet bar and the wall near the sump pump.


A look towards the wet bar area with the framing around the ductwork and furnace area shaping up.


This is a view from the wet bar towards where the screen. Media cabinets on left


Another view of the media cabinets area


The other side of the furnace framing. Sure would have been nice for these utilities to be all in a corner.


Its getting there.

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4th of July with the family

This year’s 4th of July weekend was excellent. I headed down to Louisville on Friday afternoon and hit the pool. Later that night, Jeff and Robin and the girls arrived. We had a blast. Dad, Jeff and I went golfing at the Cardinal Club while the woman went shopping. We cooked out and enjoying the pleasant weather.


The highlight of the weekend was the fireworks. I am sure that for many years we will remember the grand finale – “For best viewing place this side towards the audience” – that sure made it exciting.


I have posted pictures from the weekend under the “More Libbey & Paige” section

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Materials delivered and the walls start going up

Things are definitely moving now on the basement project. Materials were delivered late last week and already some of the wall framing is starting to go up. The projector and new DVD player have arrived. I haven’t yet tried them out – but that may be on this weekend’s agenda.



The walls start to take shape


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