OSI Statement on License Proliferation

OSI Statement on License Proliferation:

The OSI has issued a statement on license proliferation.

“OSI’s approach on the development and distribution problems involved building as many different bridges as possible between developers and the corporate world. In doing this, we accepted a proliferation of new licenses. This is a problem in that although physical bridges between communities don’t interfere with each other, licenses do. Interference between different open-source licenses is now perceived as a sufficiently serious problem that OSI has become as a victim of its own earlier success.”

(Via OSI News Weblog.)

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The Basement Project

This weekend, I selected the winning contractor to finish my basement. When finished, the basement will have a home theater area with a 92″ screen and an HDTV Sony projector, a half-bath and a full bar with an upgraded soda fountain system. In addition, there will be room for exercise equipment and poker tables for poker parties.

I plan to document the project through this blog. In a few days I will post the before photos and hopefully a sketch of what it will look like when completed.

On other news, I was in Philadelphia a week ago for an AIPLA conference. It was great to be back in Philly and see some friends from law school and to spend the weekend with one of my good buddies from law school. The trip’s highlights were: 1) Visit to Holt’s cigar store, 2) Cheesesteaks, 3) Mahogany on Walnut – cigar bar owned by Holt’s, 4) Hanging out with Vince & Tina, 5)Phillies game against the Reds – great new stadium. The trip reminded me of how great a city Philadelphia is. I hope to get back soon.

Summer has started – at least the summer associates at the firm has started. I always enjoy when they start – brings new energy to the firm as well as social life. June should be another great month with an associate retreat and a trip to churchill downs with the summer associates.

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Kentucky Oaks 2005

Img 1618-1

Friday was the Kentucky Oaks – what a great day we had. The weather was simply awesome and so was our group. We may not have cashed a lot of winners – except on the actual Oaks itself, but we had amazing seats.

This is a photo taken from our seats – we had a great view of the finish line!!

Img 1621

Here are a few other great shots from the day

Img 1617

Img 1611

Img 1612

Img 1613

Img 1614

Img 1615

Img 1616

Finally, this entry would not be complete without something said about Low Cost Limo. Our limo company was very inexpensive and the limos were very outdated – for a good amount of time it looked like we were left at the track – however we spotted another low cost looking limo and it turned out to be from the same company – eventually after some negotiating we finally got a ride back to the Derby Eve party.

Img 1644

Img 1645

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