Kentucky Derby Only 6 Weeks Away

The Derby is only 6 weeks away. Wow – its almost here. Churchill Downs has massively revised their website for the Derby and has really done a great job with using existing technology. They even haves a photo gallery from the infield.

I finished my annual derby bash CD just a few minutes ago. The music came together pretty good this year. Louisville is currently down 6 agaisnt West Virginia, but I have a feeling the Cards will find a way to prevail. Correction down 9 – the three pointers are deadly.

Oh well, watch for your CD in the mail in the next week or so – I have to make the cover graphic yet and get some blank CDs and burn them.

Thunder over Louisville only 4 weeks away. And spring football starts up soon. Spring is definitely here!!

Paige’s 1st Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Paige’s 1st Birthday. Lots of fun. Be sure to check out the picture located in the “More Libbey & Paige” section. Crazy week with the NCAA tourney starting up and other developments at the firm.

Img 1588

Paige was very excited to have her own little cake all for herself – as they next photos demonstrate without the need for any additional words ….

Img 1590

Img 1592

Img 1601

Great hoops games this first weekend. Hopefully Louisville will advance to the Sweet 16 and keep the hope alive. Only 7 weeks until the Kentucky Derby – I will have to starting creating my shortlist of favorites. Watch for more entries. The Blog has slowed in entries lately, but I anticipate that to change in the next couple of weeks. I have been working on The IP Roundtable. Still needs more work but hopefully I can dedicate sometime to make this blog useful and stimulate some great IP discussions.

Geof’s iTunes currently playing Speedbumps from the album “Rendezvous” by Luna

Get Firefox!

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Tomorrow begins March Madness – I love this time of year. I am all ready – have the Directv Package with all of the NCAA games. Should be some great games tomorrow. My personal favorite for getting to the final four is Louisville. I doubt they can win it all – but I think they have a shot at least getting to the final four. My other long shot is Texas Tech – Bobby Knight has a team that under his coaching may make some movement. First major upset – a toss-up between Washington and Arizona. I hate west coast teams – probably bias due to lack of television coverage on east cost and midwest.
A Cincinnati – Kentucky second round game would be great – but lets see if the Bearcats can play a game without a cold shooting spell. Iowa is decent – not great, but definitely capable of taking down UC. Could this be the year of the small guys? Pacific, Southern Illinois, Nevada? Gonzaga is small but not in the tourney.
Good luck in your brackets. I never win – as I love picking all the upsets that could happen – this way I can say I had the upset.