BarrelHouse serving last pints tonight

WOW – used to hear some great music at the BarrelHouse – unfortunately its location was not great and the riots in 2001 really killed everything in that area.

BarrelHouse serving last pints tonight:

The BarrelHouse Brewing Co. will close tonight for last time at its 12th Street location, having signed a deal to sell the brewery and return its lease to the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

(Via Latest news from Cincinnati Business Courier.)

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 24, 2005–The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York has ruled today in favor of General Cigar Co., Inc. in a lawsuit filed by Cubatabaco in 1997 over trademark ownership of the Cohiba(R) brand in the United States.
The Second Circuit held that “General Cigar’s legal right to the Cohiba mark has been established as against Cubatabaco. General Cigar has a right to use the mark in the United States because it owns the mark in the United States.”
As a result of the ruling, General Cigar will be able to continue to manufacture the Cohiba brand and market it in the U.S.
Here is General Cigar’s press release.

HP Secretly Rendering Printer Cartridges Unusable?

(Via Slashdot.)

HP Secretly Rendering Printer Cartridges Unusable?:

Momoru writes “Looks like a woman is suing Hewlett Packard, claiming that their “smart chip” technology, besides giving information about ink usage, is also secretly programmed to not work after a certain certain date.” From the article: “HP ink cartridges use a chip technology to sense when they are low on ink and advise the user to make a change. But the suit claims those chips also shut down the cartridges at a predetermined date regardless of whether they are empty.”

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Nascar to get Sirius

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Live Races Move to SIRIUS Starting in 2007

Five Year Broadcast and Marketing Agreement Includes 24/7 NASCAR Channel

NEW YORK and DAYTONA BEACH, FL – February 22, 2005 – SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced an agreement to give SIRIUS North American satellite radio rights to broadcast NASCAR racing and events that will bring unprecedented programming and marketing opportunities to NASCAR fans. Beginning in 2007, SIRIUS will broadcast all NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, NASCAR Busch Series and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races live on a specially created, 24/7 NASCAR channel, and SIRIUS will be the only place on satellite radio to listen to NASCAR.

As part of the agreement, SIRIUS will become the Official Satellite Radio Partner of NASCAR, with exclusive trademark and marketing rights, and the right to sell all advertising time on its NASCAR channel and during the race broadcasts. SIRIUS will pay NASCAR rights fees totaling $107.5 million over the term of the agreement, with the highest payments in the final years of the term.

“We’re thrilled that NASCAR has chosen to move to SIRIUS,” said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS. “Without question, SIRIUS is the content leader in satellite radio. This decision places SIRIUS on track to become the content leader in all of radio, and we believe it will be an important driver of subscriber growth and advertising revenue. Our 24/7 NASCAR channel will super-serve NASCAR’s 75 million fans nationwide in a way that’s never been done before. In addition to the races, SIRIUS will take fans behind the scenes for inside news and bring them exclusive shows featuring their favorite drivers. It will be the ultimate NASCAR lifestyle experience.”

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Cincinnati Bell’s new TV Commercials against VOIP

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Last night I saw the latest Cincinnati Bell TV commercial. I couldn’t stop laughing at just how stupid the dialog was. The premise of the commercial is a potential VOIP user calling into the cable company asking questions. One of the questions asks what happens when the power goes out. The answer given given is that you won’t have any phone service. What is so comical is that the person is calling on a cordless phone, so the answer would be exactly the same even if they had Cincinnati Bell landline service. Amazing!

The local phone company has had a monopoly for many years and now that they are having some competition, they launch a propaganda campaign against VOIP. Interesting to note that Cincinnati Bell provides VOIP to many businesses.

I am very happy with my AT&T CallVantage service. Excellent features and great service and easy to use. If the power or cable modem goes out, the service automatically routes to my cellphone. In addition, AT&T works with fax machines and modems, including Tivo and DirecTv.

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