AT&T CallVantage – VOIP Service

Today the Fedex with my AT&T CallVantage VOIP gateway arrived. The gateway is a DLink VOIP Gateway.


The setup took just a few minutes. The first thing I did was go outside and access the user access panel for the phoneline coming into my house. I then unplugged the line to remove the outside line power from entering the home wiring. Next I attached the VOIP gateway into my network. I took the recommended design with placing the VOIP gateway before the router. I have read about poor bandwidth issues with the Dlink VOIP gateway in front of the router but as of yet I have not seen any issues. It was interesting to note that AT&T did include instructions on placing the VOIP gateway (or TA as they call it) behind the router – but they caution against this as possible effecting call quality and voicemail. I then reset the router as it obviously has a new gateway to work with.


Once that was done – I plugged a phone into the back of the VOIP gateway and got a busy signal. I then went to AT&T website and configured the VOIP gateway – within three minutes it was configured and the phone rang to signify it was ready. I had a dial tone. Made my first call – have to remember to use the 10 digit dialing. Next I then connected the VOIP Gateway to my home phone-line wiring. AT&T included excellent diagrams to walk through this.


Basically entails just plugging a phone line from the gateway into one of the phone line jacks in your home. Then all of the phones in my house were powered. So far so good. I then activated the fax and modem support to allow my DirecTV and Tivos to call home. This is the crucial step as if Tivo fails to call home – its back to a landline and no VOIP yet. I tried to make a few test calls with Tivo – but they failed. Then I remember 10 digit dialing and that I needed to add the area code to the number. Presto – connection and successful call.

Total installation time was less than 30 minutes. Phone quality sounds great. Set up voicemail with forwarding voicemail to my gmail account. Nice feature. I also activates the Locate Me feature for my VIP list of phone numbers which will simultaneously call my home phone, cell phone, and the phone in the Envoy – pretty cool.

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U2 Presale tomorrow at 10am

U2 will begin the first leg of their Vertigo//2005 world tour in San Diego on March, 28th 2005.
I wish they would do a stadium tour here in the US. Its been so long for them to play stadiums in the US – Popmart?
Unforutnately, U2 will only visit 13 cities in North America before arriving in Brussels on June 10th for the first of 24 scheduled European performances, finishing up in Lisbon in the middle of August.
The closest show to Cincinnati will be in Chicago. I need to decide before tomorrow morning whether to buy tickets for the Chicago show or possibly fly back to Philly or NYC to see them a few weeks later.
March 28th San Diego, CA – Sports Arena
April 1st Anaheim, CA – Arrowhead Pond
April 5th Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
April 9th San Jose, CA – HP Pavilion
April 14th Phoenix, AZ – Glendale Arena
April 20th Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
April 24th Seattle, WA – Key Arena
April 28th Vancouver, BC – General Motors Place
May 7th & May 9th Chicago, IL – United Center
May 14 Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center
May 17 & May 18 East Rutherford, NJ – Continental Airlines Arena
May 21 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
May 24 & May 26 Boston, MA – Fleet Center
June 10th Brussels – King Baudouin Stadium
June 12th Gelsenkirchen – Schalke Stadium
June 14th Manchester – City of Manchester Stadium
June 18th London – Twickenham Stadium
June 21st Glasgow – Hampden Park
June 24th Dublin – Croke Park
June 29th Cardiff – Millenium Stadium
2nd July Vienna – Ernst Happel Stadium
5th July Katowice – Slaski Stadium
7th July Berlin – Olympic Stadium
9th July Paris – Stade de France
11th July Zurich


copyright_lg_nwm.gifAmerica has had two distinct systems of copyright regulation since the founding. The first, established in 1790 and in effect until 1978, was an opt-in system of regulation. The second, effected through a series of statutory changes beginning in 1976, and continuing through today, is an opt-out system of regulation.

Kahle has filed his appeal with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Kahle lost in District Court alleging that the change in the copyright system from the prior to 1976 system requiring the author to take action to opt-in for copyright protection to attached to the post 1976 standard of copyright being attached at the point of fixation in a tangible medium. This has resulted in all works obtaining copyright protection and Kahle alleges preventing society from benefitting from the arts.
The principal question raised by this appeal is whether this change from an opt-in to an opt-out system of copyright qualifies as a change in a

Making the switch to VOIP

I have decided to finally make the switch to Voice over IP (VOIP) for home phone service. I looked at Vonage, Time Warner and AT&T Callvantage. Time Warner, although heavily advertising the service, is not yet in my neighborhood and in addition their service is $39.99 per month. Vonage – simply read too many poor reviews. Ended up with Callvantage.

Callvantage Logo

Recently rated #1 by C-Net. I am so excited to get away from Sprint as my local phone service – ever since I moved to the burbs I had to give up Cincinnati Bell and get poor old sprint. So long Sprint. Although they refuse to port my number – which blows – but I really am looking forward to saving almost $20 a month and have advanced features. Voicemail, call forwarding, threeway, a version of 911, and integration through the web. All this for only $29.99/month.

Based on my research it should support my Directv and Tivo Systems. Once its all hooked up I will report back on how the installation went – problems encountered, etc.

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2. Garden State (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) – Garden State

Excellent Album – saw the movie today – good but the soundtrack is awesome. Great collection of songs!

2. Garden State (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) – Garden State:

Garden State (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Garden State

Release Date: August 10, 2004

Total Songs: 13


Price: $9.99

Copyright Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

iTunes Top 10 Albums.)

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New Slang from the album “Garden State” by The Shins

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Time to start planning now

So do you know the significance of the following: Afleet Alex, Declan’s Moon, Rockport Harbor, Fusaichi Samurai
The last one is sort of a tip off – yes its nearing Derby Time and the experts are starting to create the initial list of prospects for the 131th Run for the Roses at this year’s Kentucky Derby on May 7th.
CDSN Handicappers’ Top 20 Kentucky Derby 131 Selections
Another great article over at describing what may be the fastest field ever for the Derby.

To demonstrate just how fast a group of youngsters we’re talking about, it’s best to use the Beyer Speed Figures, which most can identify with. In looking at the Beyers, no less than 10 juveniles registered a figure of 100 or higher. And all have the pedigree and racing credentials to be considered legitimate Derby contenders.
They are Declan’s Moon (Beyer Speed Figure of 107), Roman Ruler (106), Afleet Alex (102), Rockport Harbor (102), Galloping Grocer (102), Proud Accolade (100), Lost in the Fog (109), Devils Disciple (103), Going Wild (102), and the filly Sweet Catomine (102), who may very well be headed for the Derby trail. Nine of those have already won or placed in graded stakes, and another is a listed stakes winner and track record holder.

Gmail, Hold’em & Hoops Pool


Well, I finally got a Gmail invite and have setup my account. If and when I get some gmail invites I will post them to the blog.

Great Hold’em game last night. Kudos to David B. for winning it all. I was first out, which really sucks – but thats poker. I had a good night going but my betting strategy took a major departure on one hand and I called all-in without taking in account of who was left in the hand. Clay had a straight after the flop to my two pair. Needless to say, I didn’t pull the boat on the turn or the river. Oh well – still a great night. Prent’s outfit was quite a sight to see.

The hoops pool standings have been updated and are now available online. I am probably out of it, but it does appear to be setting up for one of the closest finishes in recent years.

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