Giant Slayer – Former D&S Associate

This month’s Corporate Counsel available at has an article about a former associate from my firm who has taken on some of the pharma giants in the past few years ….

Giant Slayer:

Jay Deshmukh was on the phone one fall day in 2002 with his outside counsel. The trio — Deshmukh, vice president for intellectual property of New Delhi-based generic drugmaker Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, plus William Zimmerman and Darrell Olson, partners at Irvine, Calif.-based Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear — reviews patents and confers daily about their findings. But this wasn’t one of their ordinary conversations.

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Apple’s Patent Strategy

Some of apple’s patent strategy has started to be revealed as the patent applications are being published. On interesting application involves detecting when the iPod is dropped (rapid acceleration) to then shut off the hard drive. You may remember IBM advertising this in their Thinkpad ads. It will be interesting if this triggers an interference. I haven’t read all the details of the application and I am no expert on the IBM Thinkpad so its hard to say.

Click on the thumbnail for a copy of the patent application.

Some of the other interesting applications include:

Patent application for the Expose feature of OS X.

Patent application for the method in which record labels and artists encode iTunes music.

Patent application for iChat AV and iSight camera that allows the remote user to refocus the camera on a different area.

Patent application for many improvements to the iPod – most of which have been announced, but the wireless and Bluetooth versions are just starting to be available via add ons.

What is impressive is that Apple definitely files their IP early in the development game rather than right before public announcement and risk leaks.

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Snowman Making Snow Angel Lg Wht

The weatherman were correct for a change and we are getting hit with a major snowstorm. I would estimate at least 8 inches of snow already and it is supposed to keep going all night, although right now it is more sleet than snow. I have already used the snow blower twice on the driveway and sidewalks. The last time I accidently ran over the extension cords for the outside christmas lights. Oops!! It took about 35 minutes to remove the cord from the blades of the blower. Yes – I unplugged the cord first. When I finally finished removing the cord, I had to redo the half of the driveway that I did right before the incident as it was snowing big time.

My new motherboard and CPU came today. I just finished the install. I am amazed how quiet the CPU fan and power supply fan are. My old ones seemed to shake the room. Everything went smoothly and XP even booted up without a fresh install, although it did need to redetect a good number of items. Next week I plan to also load Linux on the machine. Probably SUSE or Mandrake.

I worked from home, which is always nice to do as the phone doesn’t ring near as often and less interruptions by others walking in. Hopefully, the weather will break tomorrow as I am hoping to file a patent appeal brief before the Christmas Holiday. Looking forward to the days of a purely electronic filing system for all filings with the USPTO.

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AP sends BCS a cease and desist letter to stop them from including AP in BCS poll

NEW YORK — The Associated Press has told the Bowl Championship Series to stop using its college football poll to determine which teams play for the national title and in the most prestigious bowl games.

Could this all be because California got left out of the BCS? Its time for a playoff system.

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New version of Movable Type Released

The latest version of Movable Type has been released. Version 3.14 fixes the issue of extreme loads witnessed on servers under the strain of a massive spam attack. Because these attacks are increasing in both frequency and severity, it is recommended that all Movable Type users install this update. This is particularly important for any installation that is visible to the public on the web.

New version of Movable Type Released

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