Apple introduces the iMac G5

At the Apple Expo in Paris today, Philip Schiller,
Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, put the rumors to rest by unveiling the new iMac G5 in his keynote address. A totally reconfigured design with a high-performance G5 processor. Appearing similar to the rumored look, the iMac G5 integrates the entire computer right into the flat
panel display. The iMac G5 packs a complete computer system into a mere two
inches of depth, making it the world’s thinnest desktop computer. The new line offers
17- or 20-inch active matrix widescreen LCDs and G5 processors running up to
1.8 GHz starting at just $1,299. [MacMerc]

Comment Spam

In order to try to reduce the comment spam being posted, I have added a security code to be inputted when entering the comment. Its similar, but less complex, than similar techniques used at Ticketmaster and other websites trying to prevent bots from performing tasks on their websites. I am sure the spam will continue, but hopefully this will reduce it. At least for a while….

Root Canal

What a week. Last sunday evening, I started to experience some minor toothpain that grew exponentially by the hour. On Tuesday, I had an emergenvy appointment with my dentist as I had several teeth that were is pain. Unfortunately, the nerve was playing tricks on me and we were unable to identify where the actually infection was originating from, so I was sent home and basically told to hope that the pain will pass. Of course it did not – the pain increased to the point where I was taking Motrins like breath mints and they had little if any effect. For a period, I discovered that cold liquids kept the pain to a minimum, but after about 2 minutes without the cold liquid the pain would return. The pain was very intense – it felt as if my brain was going to explode out my left ear drum. Apparently the nerve runs near the eardrum from the teeth. By Thursday evening, I was mentally exhausted, but luckily the pain had localized to one tooth so I knew that treatment could begin. Friday morning another visit to my dentist and he scheduled me in with an endodontist in the afternoon and prescribe some pain killers and antibiotics. Unfortunately, the endodontist did not want me to take the pain killers until after he root canal. Finally, the time for the root canal came. The tooth was all the way in the back of my mouth which added to the difficulty, but the endodontist was a pro and about 1.5 hours after sitting down in the chair he was finished. The procedure was painless as he numbed me up adequately. Later that evening as the novacaine wore off, the pain was very minor and felt like any pain associated with a typical filling. Its been a few days and my mouth is still somewhat sore but easily manageable with some motrins. In a week or so, I will return to my dentist to get a permanent crown to replace the temporary crown now in my mouth. It will be good to get back to work and actually be able to concentrate – the last week was very difficult – little sleeps and lots of pain. Heading to the Sarah McLachlan concert tomorrow and then on Saturday to Columbus to watch The Ohio State Buckeyes play UC and then sunday to Louisville to watch UK vs. U of L. Lots of football – Its so great that the season is finally here.

XFM : Live Aid DVD Details Confirmed

Source : XFM

After months of rumours and speculation, Warner Vision International have finally confirmed the release date and contents details of the forthcoming Live Aid DVD set.

The 4-disc set, originally put together after Sir Bob Geldof caught a bootlegger selling pirate versions on the web, is currently set for a pre-Christmas release making it the must have present for music lovers world-wide.

As previously suggested by Xfm Online, the four-disc set will contain all the (…) [U2 WORLD NEWS]