The End of the billing year

Today was the last day in the billing year. I had a busy month and drafted 6 applications for a client in addition to numerous office actions and agreement work. Lots of changes this month which will present some excellent opportunities for the future. Germany trip is in 1 week!! Definitely looking forward to the trip only 4 work days until then!

RIAA Petitions Supremes in Verizon Case

This seemed to go under the radar. After failing at the appeals level and on their petition for rehearing en banc, the RIAA filed a petition for cert to the Supreme court in RIAA v. Verizonon May 24. Many people doubted that the RIAA would bother, and, with the Doe lawsuits proceeding, this might not have much practical difference to the RIAA’s lawsuit campaign. But it’s still very much worth keeping an eye on. [A Copyfighter’s Musings]

Linux Users Unite: Stop SCO!

The SCO Group, Inc. recently announced that it plans to sue individual
Linux users if they refuse to pay the company a $700 licensing fee.
This is an effort designed by SCO to bolster its licensing claims
against IBM and Red Hat by beating up on people who can’t afford a
multimillion-dollar defense. SCO hasn’t proven that it has a right to
collect this money at all, so its attempt to hold end-users liable is
a terrible misuse of the legal system. Tell Congress that SCO’s
tactics are unacceptable! [EFF: Action Center Alerts]

Buckeyes to talk to Wilson, Stallings

Geiger hits the road to talk to candidates

Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger will meet with Rice coach Willis Wilson on Tuesday at an undisclosed location after receiving permission to speak with the Owls coach, sources told’s Andy Katz on Monday.

The meeting won’t take place in Columbus, Ohio, or Houston, Texas, according to sources.

Wilson is considered one of the most respected coaches in college basketball, serving as the chair of the rules committee the past season after a four-year run on the committee…. []

WWDC: Apple intros 30-inch Cinema HD display

Apple on Monday introduced a new 30-inch Apple Cinema HD display, a new flat panel screen that features 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. Apple also introduced new 23-inch and 20-inch displays to replace their existing flat panel monitors. The new displays all have the by-now familiar widescreen aspect ratio found across almost all of Apple’s pro hardware line, and sport dual FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports, and use DVI to connect to video cards instead of Apple’s vaunted ADC interface — making the new monitors compatible out-of-the-box with Power Macs, PowerBooks, and PC-compatible computers as well. [MacCentral]

The weekend

Looks like the weather is going to be simply awesome this weekend. Great happy hour last night at R.P. McMurphy’s. Less than 2 weeks until the Germany trip. Definitely need to start thinking about what to pack, etc. Still debating on geting an iPod for the trip. Probably will pass on it due to the price. Its the end of the billing year this week. A few last projects for some clients to wrap up over the weekend and early next week. No major weekend plans, just some work and hopefully head to see a movie or two.