Big Slammers

I have started creating the Big Slammers section of the website. So far the schedule is posted as well as a few photos from Tuesday’s great victory. The winning streak continues since playoffs started last season and the regular season losing streak finally has ended. May 16th game has been circled and it should be a great one. Beating Midnight Oil is equaivalent to the Ohio State v. Michigan hatred. Arrive early to get a good seat at this one!

Kentucky Derby is only 3 days away

Still going with Cliff’s Edge as my derby favorite. Looking forward to a great weekend of racing. Kentucky Oaks on Friday, Derby Eve party to follow and then Kentucky Derby party saturday.
I got a new goldfish to replace Einstein in my MacAquarium. The new guy is a red cap goldfish. After having a contest to name the new fish with various members of the IP group, Socrates was chosen. Brings back great memories from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure. Socrates is adjusting to his new home. He is much smaller than Einstein – but about the size Einstein was when I got him two years ago.

R.I.P. Einstein

Today, I discovered my pet goldfish that lives in a MacAquarium in my office had died. Good old Einstein had been with me for over the last two years. I sent him to the big pond in the sky – I was worried that he might clog the toilet as he had grown quite large in the past two years. So tomorrow I will head to the pet store and buy a new fish or two. But they will never be able to replace Einstein. R.I.P.

Wow what a day

Today was the annual spring game at Ohio State. I headed up to Columbus with some buddies and went to BW3s to have a few adult beverages before the game and to watch some of the NFL draft. By gametime, the place was jammed with Buckeye fans. After a nice walk across the campus, we ended up in C deck – 4th row to watch the game. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Eight of us decided to play the hat game. In the hat game, every places a dollar in the hat and someone gets to hold the hat during the team’s possesion. If they score a touchdown or the defense interecpts or recovers a fumble – the person holding the hat wins the cash in the hat. Any other change in possession – such as punts, field goals, safeties, etc. results in passig the hat and everyone adding another dollar. The first possession someone won the $8. Then there was a dry spell and finally Shuler won with an interception for $40. Then the real excitement began, as the actual spring game was boring and sloppy, the hat kept growing and it looked for sure that someone was going to win when the scarlet team got the ball on the 2 yard line, but a couple of penalties ended up resulting in a field goal. At the end of the game – the hat contained $96, so we decided to head back to BW3s and have a few beers and used the money to buy three rounds.
It was a great day and its always nice to be in Columbus. Hopefully, someday Columbus will be my home. Hopefully soon!

Spring Game

This Saturday is the Annual Spring Game at Ohio State. Should be a great day and will be interesting to see how the battle between Justin Zwick and Troy Smith shapes up. It was interesting during the draft for the Spring Game that Troy Smith was taken first over Justin Zwick. I wonder if the players think Smith is better than Zwick. Time will tell.
The Kentucky Derby and Oaks are only one week away. Looks like it will be great weather for the annual Derby Eve party at my parents’ house in Louisville. Looking forward to seeing some good friends at the party and heading to the Oaks to hopefully win some money!!

The Patent Busting Project

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced a Patent Busting Project.
Their top 10 list of patents to target:

They hope to collect prior art to invalidate these patents. More information on the Patent Busting Project can be found at

Rights to televise firework show

Nice legal battle over copyight rights involving the broadcasting of the 15th annual Thunder over Louisville. According to the Courier Journal, Zambelli International has been issued a copyright for its script of Thunder Over Louisville in the latest development in a battle over broadcast rights for Saturday’s massive fireworks show.
WAVE-TV paid the Kentucky Derby Festival $50,000 for exclusive broadcast rights to Thunder in a bidding process that three of the four major Louisville stations participated in.
But WHAS-TV, which had been the “official” Thunder station for several years, was outbid. It later announced it would broadcast the event without a contract, contending that Thunder is a news event on public property open for anyone to see, including its cameras.
Read more on the controversy here
Quite an interesting issue. Obviously, broadcasting the music associated with the show would trigger copyright violations. While there are news reporting exceptions – not many courts would find a 28 minute broadcast with several songs to be news coverage. Should be interesting to see if the KDF or Zambelli seek an injunction to keep WHAS11 from broadcasting the show.