Suse Linux update

I solved the mouse issue with the KVM switch. Turns out the issue is related to the Z axis of the mouse – specifically the wheel on top of the mouse. I just simply changed the mouse setting in YAST to simple two button PS/2 mouse and it works fine. I am in the process of doenloading and configuring the web server and should have back up online in a week or so. Still deciding what content to place on it – most likely will be dedicated to file sharing. Most likely bit torrent setup as well.


As I mentioned a few days ago, I have started using SUSE Linux which is now owned by Novell. It is a very nice distribution and has a somewhat simple installation process over the internet. I plan to add it on a third computer later today, but that installation may be more difficult as the NIC is a wireless card, I may drop in a wired NIC for the install just to avoid the more difficult install involving starting the wireless program. OpenOffice is decent – the speed is a little slower than MS Word, but given that the computers are old and much less powerful, the decrease in performance is not that great. It is simply amazing all of the programs that are now available for Linux. I remember just a year ago of not being able to support certain cd burners, TV cards, etc. Now it does it all.
The only issue that really remains to solve is when I use switch from one box to the next using the KVM switch, Linux loses the mouse and then the mouse gets stuck in the lower left corner and is basically rendered useless. I have had this problem on other linux distros such as Red Had & Gentoo. But never have this problem on a windows machine. Once that issue is solved, then I will probably run linux on at least three boxes and possibly have the 4th box be dual boot configured.

Free Speech

Well today I took down the javascript entries for George W. Bush’s website. Being a conservative republican, I have simply become dismayed at the apparent witch hunt going on by the FCC. It all started with Nipple-Gate but has really gotten carried away. Now TV shows are being examined, massive fines proposed, talk show hosts threatening to quit – or move to satellite radio. As a republican I believe in smaller government. Its going to be a difficult year for Bush. His only hope may be Nader. I imagine by the Fall, Kerry will have been flushed out to be Ted Kennedy’s long lost more liberal brother. But Cheney as VP again is starting to give me doubts — lets get someone in there so if we do win the election we can keep the whitehouse in 4 years with the VP running. Oh well – hopefully some sanity prevails before shows like The Shield, NYPD Blue, Sopranos, 24 etc. are ruled to be immoral or obscene.
Speaking of satellite radio – still evaluating which technology XM or Sirius is best. I think I will head to Best Buy or Circuit City to check out the two versions.

New Carbonator on the way

I purchased a new carbonator last night. Got a good deal after being in several bidding wars. The Derby CDs are now being sent out – this year I am only doing 30, but if you haven’t received one and would like one – just let me know and I’ll try to keep you in the distribution.
I have started running SUSE Linux which Novell recently purchased. You can buy the CDs or install from a minimum boot cd of only approximately 90 MB. It installs right over the internet. It also includes OpenOffice which appears to do everything that MS Office does, but for FREE!
It will be interesting in the coming months to see if corporate america decides that now is the time for Linux and free Office applications.