Off to Florida

Well, in just about four hours I will be flying to Ft. Lauderdale for quick weekend in Florida. Looking forward to seeing my grandmother and some warm weather. Saturday Ryan is getting married in Boca Raton. Should be a great time.
The Hoops Pool race conitnues – Tivo won two games last night to take a 3 game lead. We both play three games tonight. I need him to lose at least 4 games in his remaining 13 to have a shot at winning the pool.

Fat Tuesday

I went to the Bankers Club Mardi Gras party this evening. I didn’t decide to go until a friend of mine said she was also attending the party. It was a good time and great to catch up on the latest events. Lots of young professionals were at the party. Not a bad deal – complimentary drinks and appetizers for members!
Only two days until head to Florida. I need to figure out what to pack, etc. The agreement is really starting to come to shape. Need to work on the Exhibits, but the main portion just needs refined but overall structure is nearly complete. Good news on the Hoops Pool – Pitt won tonight and Michigan State beat Michigan – which means I am only 2 game back with I think 15 games remaining. Still probably difficult to win, but the Michigan State game was critical – they came back from being 12 down to win the game. Way to go Spartans!

Hoops Pool

Well – it looks like Tivo is going to win this year’s hoops pool. He now has a three game lead with 16 games remaining. La Lafayette choked tonight to put me back three games. Vermont looks like it has recovered from the loss of their star. Barring a complete collapse by Michigan, Tivo will win the pool. I hate MeatChicken!! Only three days until Florida! Everybody is getting excited about heading to Florida, hopefully this agreement I am working on will come together to avoid pulling an all-nighter Wednesday night. But if thats what it take, then thats what will happen. So far the agreement is progressing decently – hopefully make lots of progress tomorrow. I was possibly going to attend a Fat Tuesday party at the Bankers Club, but I may pass if the agreement still has lots of work to be done.
Finally, its great to see everyone at work on the same page – “Communication” – The standard of success. Such an understatement. “Its what makes it exciting!”

Libbey’s 3rd Birthday

cake.jpgHappy Birthday Libbey!
Saturday was Libbey’s 3rd Birthday. I went to Michigan to visit and attend her party. We had a great day and she got some excellent gifts. I have posted a few pictures from the party.
I am heading back to Cincinnati later today. It will be a quick week as I have a major agreement to draft by the end of thursday and I am heading to Florida Thursday evening for Ryan’s wedding and to visit with my grandma. The Derby CD is nearing completion, the intro track is about 3/4 finished, although its volume levels need to be adjusted. Probably won’t finish the intro track until coming back from Florida.

Intellectual Property Owners Association

I am a member of the IPO. It is an excellent organization committed to intellectual property issues around the world. Please consider joining the IPO.
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Hoops Action

basketball_walking_lg_clr.gifWell heading into tonight’s games I was tied with Tivo for the hoops pool. Dayton lost on the road which sucks, but luckily Wichita State lost as well. Dayton lost by 2 and Vermont had a close one as well. Good old U of Detroit won at home. Way to go Titans. So it looks like Tivo and I are still tied at the end of the night. Need Michigan to choke a few games to help keep 1st place.
Downloaded iPoker software today. It has over 100 poker variations and allows you to create your own poker games as well. Only $30 so I registered it and even saved a copy of the infamous BBC. Seems like this week is flying. Monday was a holiday, although I did head into the office for a few hours. Tuesday morning I pinched a muscle or nerve in my neck – I was in a good amount of pain as I couldn’t turn my head at all. I was on my way to work and decided it would be best to head home and allow the neck to get better. Today the neck feels much better – not 100% but probably around 65% motion back and only pain in a certain area of motion. I haven’t taken any Motrin since lunchtime so hopefully it will finish working itself out overnight.
Getting excited for spring already. I was talking to a client who lives in Lexington and we started talking about Keeneland and the spring meet. I am heading down with some friend for opening day at keeneland. The client happens to be a member at Keeneland and offered to get me in anytime I want. Might be something I need to investigate further. Trying to organize a Kentucky Oaks trip with some of the alumni of the department. Could be a great client development activity – nothing like betting the ponies, smoking cigars, and eating Fischers hot dogs! I started listening to the German language cds yesterday – It might be a little early but I would like to become somewhat fluent in German before heading there in July. One week from tomorrow we head to Florida!!! Should be a great time – looking forward to seeing my grandma and enjoying some florida weather!

No return: Clarett has agent, preps for combine

Clarett preparing for NFL combine

INDIANAPOLIS — Maurice Clarett will hire an agent this week, ending any possibility that the running back would return to college next season.

Clarett, who has been counseling with a fairly prominent agent over the past week, has not yet signed the pertinent documentation to hire him, and so technically has not yet forfeited his remaining college eligibility,’s Len Pasquarelli reported Tuesday.

In Atlanta on Monday evening, as part of his preparation for the NFL combine… []