Coach says it’s ‘nothing of

Coach says it’s ‘nothing of a serious nature’

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rick Pitino wouldn’t say what caused him
to take a two-day medical leave, but the Louisville coach said
Friday that there was nothing seriously wrong with him.

“There is a diagnosis to it all, but it’s really not worth
going into,” Pitino said. “All I can say is this will not take
away from me coaching Louisville for another eight or 10 years.
I’ve got a clean bill of health.”

The 51-year-old Pitino rejoined his team Thursday after two days
of tests at the… []

When the big iTunes/Pepsi promo

When the big iTunes/Pepsi promo kicks off on Sunday during the Super Bowl, indie music advocacy group Downhill Battle will launch a promotion of their own, one aimed at taking some of Pepsi’s dollars away from the major music labels. They’re calling it Tune Recycler; Downhill Battle will use it to take some of the unwanted winning codes from among the 100 million being given away and use them to buy “quality music from honest independent labels,” according to group member Holmes Wilson. [MacCentral]

University angered by DA’s accusationsDENVER

University angered by DA’s accusations

DENVER — In an explosive case involving the state’s
flagship university, a prosecutor says the University of Colorado
is using sex parties to lure football recruits and police may have
helped cover up problems that include the alleged rapes of three

In testimony given for a civil rights lawsuit against the
school, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan said the
athletic department resisted demands to halt the parties.

University officials called a late… []

Pitino resumes job after 2

Pitino resumes job after 2 days of tests

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rick Pitino resumed his coaching duties at Louisville on Thursday morning, two days after taking an indefinite medical leave.

The 51-year-old Pitino ran the afternoon practice, which included installing the game plan for Saturday’s game against Marquette.

Pitino will provide an update on his condition at a news conference on Friday.

Pitino visited the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday for medical testing to determine the cause of a pain in his left side. He had… []

Depending on which version you’re

Depending on which version you’re looking at, RSS can stand for Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summaries, or Really Simple Syndication. It’s an XML language that—used in combination with specialized software packages called RSS aggregators or news aggregators—allows a user to subscribe to a web site or section of a web site and receive quick summaries when that site is updated. Read What Is RSS?

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