The greatest few days in

The greatest few days in college football began today. Hopefully, the Big Ten starts picking things up. Northwestern played decent, Michigan State looked out of control (typical for a John L. Smith team).
I went to my first NBA game last night in about 12 years. Its amazing how much the game has changed, or at least how much different it is from college hoops. We saw the Pacers against the Grizzlies at Conseco Field House. What an amazing venue. We had seats 12 rows up from the court on the Pacer’s end of the court. Larry Bird was 9 rows in front of us. We also had passes to the Lockeroom grill & bar. It was an awesome place where you could have dinner and a few pre-game adult beverages and watch the team stretch and enter the court. Also the pacemates were impressive!!!
I returned to Cincinnati today from Louisville, stopped in the office to wrap a few more year end items up. Also I had to feed my goldfish. He is almost two years old! He lives in an MacAquarium. Its on old Mac that I converted into a fish tank. I’ll have to take a picture of it and post it someday. Its always amazing when someone new comes in my office and they at first think the goldfish is a screen saver and are simply amazed at the resolution.
No big New Year’s Eve plans – I think I will go to work for a few hours and then head home to watch football rest of the day and evening. I added some more pictures from over Christmas to the website. Big Lottery drawings tonight and tomorrow night – tonight is MegaMillions here in Ohio for $155 Million and tomorrow night is the Powerball drawing for $210 million. Would be a nice christmas bonus! I’ll let everyone know if I happen to win.

What a great hoops game

What a great hoops game between Kentucky and Louisville. Once again, Louisville survives UK getting out to a quick start. Amazing to think that Louisville is the only team to beat Kentucky in the regular season in the last year.
No college bowl games tomorrow which sucks. But maybe the Bengals can make the playoffs, they need lots of help, but do you believe in miracles?
Looking forward to see the Indiana Pacers play monday night. I haven’t been to an NBA game since selling beer in Auburn Hills for the Pistons games while attending the Univ. of Detroit.

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was very good. Went and saw “Something has got to give” at the theaters. Good movie but it definitely felt like it was AARP day at the theaters.
I will post some Christmas pictures on my website in a few days, after my sister and her family come and visit.
Take care and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2003! Today is

Christmas Eve 2003! Today is a good day in the office – just getting those last few items out that have end of year deadlines. Time to clean up the office and make plans for 2004. Looking forward to the lunch with most of the guys from the group. Then after lunch, it is on to Louisville to stay with my parents until next week.
Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday.

I decided last night that

I decided last night that I am going to get a fountain soda dispenser for my home. I absolutely love fountain soda. I am searching for some decent equipment on ebay. Still haven’t figured out where I will put the machine, but who cares. I am sure I’ll find somewhere in the kitchen or laundry room for it. Hopefully, I can find a refrigerated unit so I won’t need an ice box and cold plate set-up. If you are interested in how to set-up your own, click on this link for an excellent site. I am hoping to get a four head dispenser if possible. All I really need is two – one for diet for myself and regular for my guests, but more heads = more flavors. I think I am also going to install a reverse osmosis filter system for the water as well. I had a waste tech analyze my water a few weeks ago and the dissolved solids are a little high. I can’t wait until I have the system setup. Sure will help make those jack and diets easier!
Not much else new today. Being Christmas is later this week, work has been busy but not crazy. Just trying to get a few applications out for filing. Most inventors are on vacation, so new application work will be slowed down for a few weeks. Bowl week started tonight!! NC State dominated tonight – three for three so far in bowl picks, but then again so is almost everyone else.

Hoops pool standings are updated.

Hoops pool standings are updated. Its great to see that I am finally in the lead. I think this could be the year. Finally ended up getting the ftp server running on redhat linux – still needs some fine tuning to better restrict directory access, etc. But it is running, so maybe I will keep the redhat installation running. Time will tell, time will tell. Spent a few hours trying to get a shorten player for OS X. Finally got a copy of macamp which is no longer in business, but it does work. Finally can stream some great tunes to my laptop from my etree servers upstairs. Looking forward to shooting some digital video over the next week and incorporating into some DVDs. Love my powerbook!

IP group party was last

IP group party was last night. It is always nice to have time to talk to people you work with about something other than work. No karaoke afterwards this year, but it was a good time anyways. I installed Red Hat Linux on one of my computers – after installing it, I still am not that impressed. Why yes it is free, still installing programs is not as easy as on windows and most of the popular server programs lack an easy to use GUI. I will probably go back to then Windows 2000 image shortly. I am trying to get installed an FTP server on the Red Hat Linux but having difficulty setting up vsftpd. Maybe I will switch this computer to my web server and set up Apache on it – I could then switch my etree hosting over to bit-torrent format over http instead of ftp. Something to consider.

Bengals and Browns just lost which means the Bengals will need some help next week to make the playoffs. Even though I am not a Bengals fan it would be great for cincinnati to get a playoff game. Great hoops game yesterday between Wake Forest and North Carolina. Looking forward to this Saturday’s Louisville vs. Kentucky game. I think its Louisville’s year again in this one, although UK is very good.

Looking forward to spending the holidays in Louisville – should get some time to do some more webdesign and editting during the break as well.

The buckeye hoops looked terrible

The buckeye hoops looked terrible against Seton Hall, especially the 1st half. They have to find a way to stop the 3-point shot. Added some more photos to the website – photos from a couple of tailgates and from the last Texas Hold’em night. Hopefully, we will have another card game in early january 2004.

Well, I decided that tonight

Well, I decided that tonight was the time for my annual Linux download and installation. For the last three years I have downloaded different distributions of Linux and installed them on one of my machines to see how good/bad they are compared to windows. Usually, I end up going back to windows and rarely ever use the Linux installation as there are just too many things I don’t know how to do. But I keep reading about how great the new distributions are, so I am giving it a shot. I first tried Suse Linux but I coulnd’t get the FTP to find the install files during the setup. So, now I am downloading the iso images for RedHat Linux which should be much better. Time will tell.

The stores were not that busy earlier tonight, I guess everyone is staying home because of the road conditions. Or getting their sleep for the big sales tomorrow. No college Football this saturday, but a couple of NFL games and the buckeyes play Seton Hall in hoops. They really need to gel quick or it could be a very long and disappointing big ten season. Bobby Knight comes to columbus on January 4th. Should be great to have the General back in town. Did you notice the jump in gas prices – yester day $1.29 a gallon at Krogers – Today $1.42 a gallon. Getting ripped off at the pumps once again.

One week until Christmas! Website

One week until Christmas! Website traffic has slowed down which is good. I never thought I would get nearly 200 hits in one week. I plan to continue to add some more features to the website in the coming weeks. Need to develop some Flash applications, as well as possible news aggregation, and the patent section.

Great to talk to Coolio today. Looking forward to lunch on Monday with Joe, its always good to see some of the old guys and see how they are doing.

This Saturday night is the IP group holiday party. I imagine it will be well attended as always, but it is still unknown if there will be a karaoke trip afterwards. If there is looking forward to Steve singing some more Nirvana!