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Ohio State Big Ten Champs!! – Hoops Pool Updates


Kudos to Matta and the Thad Five!! Another Big Ten Championship. Could this be the year for OSU to win the NCAA? Probably not – but one never knows. I am contemplating buying season tickets to the Bucks next year for hoops. While I am sure I would likely miss a few games during the week, its less than 1.5 hours to the arena. Time will tell.

Nenni is absolutely running away with this year’s hoops pool. Doesn’t hurt that he has the Bucks either. Very competitive year for third place. Should be interesting to see how the conference tourneys effect the outcome.

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Google buys You Tube

Today Google acquired You Tube. Should be very interesting in what features are added. Even more interesting will be the DMCA lawsuits that are sure to come for potential copyright infringement. Different than Napster – You Tube is actually hosting the videos – many of which contain IP rights of others.
For example, the video below contains the IP rights of several parties. Fair Use? You be the judge.
Bucks 6-0