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Runkeeper and training for half marathons

Today was the long run for our half marathon training group. While I have already run a half marathon this year (Heart Mini) in which I set my personal best, the training group is geared towards the Flying Pig Half marathon. I am running the Kentucky Derfy Festival Half Marathon on April 30th and running the second leg of the Flying Pig Relay the day after. I have been using Runkeeper to track my runs and it is a great application.

Here is today’s run

Iplaw’s Activities | RunKeeper.

4 years post-op

So today is the 4 year post-op date of my gastric bypass!! It’s hard to imagine what life was like just 4 years ago. Today I ran my 6th half marathon and broke my personal best times at the 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon on a difficult course.

My weight loss numbers have not really changed. Lost 370 pounds pre-op and post-op. Currently weigh 230 pounds which is not to shabby. 30 inch reduction in waist, 4-5 inch reduction in neck, 7 shirt sizes smaller. Even my feet are smaller down from 13 to an 11.5.

I eat almost anything I want. My sweet tooth has returned but the running keeps everything in check. If someone told me 4 years ago that I would run a 5k race, let alone a half marathon I would suggest they have their meds adjusted. It’s been an amazing journey an looking forward to the road ahead.

I will try to post a new video of The Update in the next few days.

16 Months Post-Op Update and delivery of the SLK 350

Well today is a great day. It has been 16 month’s since my gastric bypass surgery and I have crossed below the 270 pound marker weighing 266.8 this morning. The weight loss continues as does my work-out routine. I need to buy some more clothes again – as I keep dropping inches as well as pounds. My waist size has now dropped 24 inches – two feet!! Wow. It was very interesting this weekend, as I attended a party at which I had not seen some people in probably a year – they kept coming up to me and said they could barely recognize me. Felt great but after a while it became a little embarrassing. The most common question I get is how do you feel – well how do you think I feel – I have lost over 330 pounds, no longer have high blood sugar, have normal blood pressure and cholesterol level and can play a round of golf and be ready for more. Yes – I feel amazing and am excited about what every day forward brings. I love wokring out and look forward to running a 5K run sometime in the near future – imagine that me running in a race without someone behind me pointing a gun. Oh well – just to sum up – I feel great and am doing awesome.
The other big event today is that I take delivery of my SLK 350!! It took about 4 weeks to travel across the ocean from Frankfurt, Germany where I dropped it off on June 16th. The car was actually delivered at my local dealer on Friday July 18th and I could have taken delivery that day but I was in Louisville for the weekend for a party. So today after work is the big day – definitely looking forward to getting the car back!

Initial Goal Reached!

Its been a little over 13 months since my gastric bypass and I have reaches a significant milestone. 300 pounds lost. I now have lost more pounds than I currently weigh!! Having reached the initial goal – I am not sure how many more pounds I will lose – I would guess between 30-60 pounds (some of that as a result of a tummy-tuck in a year or two).
The other exciting news is that I head to Europe to pick up my new 2009 Mercedes SLK 350 in four weeks! Last night I completed all of the paperwork and now am just waiting to head across the pond and pick up the car.
Here is a picture of the car (although mine will be Iridium Silver – not white).