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Runkeeper and training for half marathons

Today was the long run for our half marathon training group. While I have already run a half marathon this year (Heart Mini) in which I set my personal best, the training group is geared towards the Flying Pig Half marathon. I am running the Kentucky Derfy Festival Half Marathon on April 30th and running the second leg of the Flying Pig Relay the day after. I have been using Runkeeper to track my runs and it is a great application.

Here is today’s run

Iplaw’s Activities | RunKeeper.

4 years post-op

So today is the 4 year post-op date of my gastric bypass!! It’s hard to imagine what life was like just 4 years ago. Today I ran my 6th half marathon and broke my personal best times at the 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon on a difficult course.

My weight loss numbers have not really changed. Lost 370 pounds pre-op and post-op. Currently weigh 230 pounds which is not to shabby. 30 inch reduction in waist, 4-5 inch reduction in neck, 7 shirt sizes smaller. Even my feet are smaller down from 13 to an 11.5.

I eat almost anything I want. My sweet tooth has returned but the running keeps everything in check. If someone told me 4 years ago that I would run a 5k race, let alone a half marathon I would suggest they have their meds adjusted. It’s been an amazing journey an looking forward to the road ahead.

I will try to post a new video of The Update in the next few days.


I finally got an iPad yesterday. After calling the Cincinnati and Louisville Apple Stores and having no luck, the Best Buy website indicated that the Dayton store had some in stock. Yes, I could have ordered online but I need instant gratification when making technology purchases. So I called the Dayton store and confirmed that they did have them in stock and later drove the 45 minute drive through a thunderstorm and make the purchase. Initial impressions of the iPad are simply amazing. The graphics are very polished and hopefully some of the improvements make their way into the next iPhone OS. They still had 4 left in stock for those looking. I got the wifi only version 32 GB.

This post was made using the WordPress for iPad app. Yes there is even an app for that.

Directv rate increase.

So I have been a directv subscriber since 1999. I love directv and subscribe to almost every package they offer. They also have excellent customer service when something goes wrong.

However, that certainly doesn’t apply to explaining new rate increase. I received an email from Directv letting me know that there was a rate change taking place. The email contained a link to this very clear and well detailed explanation.

Really Directv? How about sending your loyal customers a detailed rate change letter with current bill and upcoming bill. I am really considering cutting back based on this rate increase. I think the first victims will be the MLB ticket, followed by the ESPN gameplans.

I hope Directv will use some of these rate increases to get back Versus, how about ESPNU HD? Amazing to me that they raised the monthly DVR fee to over $7. At some point I may just set up a Mac Mini with some DVR capability and Digital TV tuner and cut back on Directv service or god forbid go to cable.

La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial

This is the first of hopefully many to come cigar posts.

Tonight, before a wine dinner I am enjoying a La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial. Recently rated as one of Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2009. Good steady burn and a mild-medium bodied cigar.

RunKeeper App on iPhone

So today I tried out the RunKeeper App on my iPhone.  Very impressive.  It tracks my route, mileage, time, etc.  One feature would be built-in music control but I just started the iPod feature first and then started the RunKeeper.  It even has a pause button in case you stop for a quick break (like I did today to grab some coffee and water for Otto).

Here is today’s route – love the ability to track speed versus terrain all the while it moves along the route on the map.

Just another great iPhone App!!